Users & Liaisons Training Materials

Alameda Agency Liaison Training

Alameda Users and Liaisons Meeting

May 2024

Topics Covered: Data Quality, Exit Destinations

April 2024

Topics Covered: 

Inputting HMIS Data: Completeness and Accuracy by Project Type, Data Quality Errors: Duplicate Clients and Recording Disabilities

March 2024

Topics Covered: Data Quality, Aging into Adulthood

February 2024

Topics Covered: Training, Report Library, Overlapping Enrollments, Missing Move-in Dates

January 2024

Topics Covered: HIC/PIT, HMIS Data Quality Support, Data Quality Reporting, Data Quality Errors (HoH, SS#, Overlapping Enrollments, Move-in Date, Deceased Fields, Agency Liaisons Training

October 2023

Topics Covered: Alameda Privacy & Security, LSA, Data Quality

September 2023

Topics Covered: 2024 HUD Data Standards + Demo, and Data Quality Reporting.

August 2023

Topics covered: 2024 HUD Data Standards, Changes to HUD Data Standards, Website Updates, Review Data Quality Reporting Scorecard: Data Achievement and Deficit Remedies, DQ Dashboard Upon Sign In.

July 2023

Topics covered: 2024 HUD Data Standards, Changes to HUD Data Standards, and De-Identifying Clients.

June 2023

Topics covered: Recording Accurate Household Enrollments, Care Team Members, and [DQXX-103] Monthly Staff Reports.

May 2023

Topics covered: Exit Destinations, Move in Dates, Entering Client Contact Information, Managing Households, Location Information, and Reporting.

April 2023

Topics covered: Entering Client Contact Information, Location Tab Overview, Managing Households, Duplicated Clients, and Running Data Reports.