Alameda County Policies and Procedures


Alameda County HMIS Privacy Policy
The policy describes the protections for keeping personal individual information (PII) confidential while allowing for reasonable, responsible, and limited uses and disclosures of data.

Alameda County Security Policy 
This policy describes standards for the security of personal information collected and stored in the HMIS and elsewhere in print or electronic formats within the Alameda County CoC network.

Privacy Notice Organization Specific
This version of the notice is for organizations providing services to homeless clients that have adopted the Alameda County policy to customize and post where clients can see it.

Consent Refused Data Entry Guide
In Alameda County, when a client refuses consent for personal information storage in the HMIS, the de-identified data entry protocol is followed, omitting direct identifiers for all household members.

Alameda County HMIS Privacy Notice
This document for consumers describes Alameda County’s policies and practices regarding personal individual information (PII), the reasons for collecting information, and allowable uses and disclosures.

Alternative Privacy Notice
The alternative notice is for HIPAA agencies and other service providers that want a signed ROI. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) suggested this language in the Federal Register/Vol. 69. No. 146/Friday, July 30, 2004/Notices SEC. 4.2.1 pg. 45929.

Staff Attestation Form
The staff of service provider agencies uses this form to formally confirm that they reviewed the Privacy Notice with the client, offered assistance with reading the Notice, and gave the client an opportunity to ask questions.

Informed Consent Tips
This is a list of recommendations for staff to use to ensure clients understand the privacy notice or ROI.

FAQ Privacy and Security Policies

Frequently asked questions about HMIS Privacy and Security.