Agency Management

New Agency Onboarding

To participate in the Alameda County HMIS, all agencies must meet the minimum standard requirements. PDF documents are to be filled out by your agency's Executive Director or equivalent officer and submitted as part of the Agency/Project Setup.



Agency Onboarding Checklist

Agency Implementation Readiness Checklist


Agency Onboarding Questionnaire

Alameda County HMIS - Agency Onboarding Questionnaire


HMIS Policy and Procedure Manual

The manual describes the roles and responsibilities of key players who use, oversee, and administer the HMIS, the processes for bringing in new agencies to participate in the HMIS, user training, and support, and how the HMIS privacy and security policies are to be implemented.


HMIS Agency Program Form

Use this form to request new projects or changes to your project configuration in HMIS. All fields are required for new projects.


Agency Remote Access Request Form

The form must be completed for each workstation/computer located outside of the agency.


Alameda County HMIS – Participating Organizations

The organizations listed below utilize the Alameda County HMIS. All or some of the projects in these agencies participate in the Alameda County HMIS.


Agency Network System Report Form

Agency Network System Report Form - Updating


HMIS Software License Information


Agency Workstation Checklist Form

Checklist for workstations using HMIS.


Work Station Collection Sign

Sign to be posted at work station collecting HMIS information.


Security Labels

HUD Mandate hard drive labels.


Agency Surge Suppression Form

Agency Surge Suppression Form


Agency/Jurisdiction Implementation Readiness Checklist

ACHMIS Provider Assessment Document

ACHMIS Provider Services Document