HMIS Policies and Procedures

HMIS Policies

HMIS Manuals and Forms

HMIS Policy and Procedure Manual
The manual describes the roles and responsibilities of key players who use, oversee, and administer the HMIS, the processes for bringing in new agencies to participate in the HMIS, user training, and support, and how the HMIS privacy and security policies are to be implemented.

Alameda County HMIS Clarity User Manual
The manual provides information about working with data in the Alameda County HMIS, and is used for instructor-led training on the Clarity Human Services software developed by Bitfocus Inc.

Agency Liaison Roles and Responsibilities
The Agency Liaison is the primary point of contact (PPOC) between the ACHMIS Agency and ACHMIS Lead. The ACHMIS Lead will have a close working relationship with the Agency Liaison to validate agency requests for ACHMIS changes. Agency Liaison is expected to be the PPOC between the ACHMIS lead.

HMIS Standard Latent Response Policy
This Policy describes standards for HMIS latent ticket response closure.

Staff Attestation Form
The form serves as evidence of the staff member's compliance with the HMIS requirements.

Data Quality Plan
Alameda CountyHomeless ManagementInformation System DataQuality Policies and Procedures

Data Quality Action Plan
Alameda County Homeless Management Information System (ACHMIS) Data Quality Action Plan

2022 HMIS Data Standards
FY 2022 HMIS Data Standards (Manual)

FY 2022 HMIS Data Standards Data Dictionary